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Prejudice was in the minds of people who lived as far back as the days of ancient Greece and Rome. But the priests and soothsayers who reinforced this belief were constantly persecuted. But that didn't stop people of that era from visiting them to know their future. Thousands of years have passed, but the desire of man to divine his fate has not disappeared (on the contrary - has only intensified).



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The card generator is the best way for self-testing

Today, guessing has become even more accessible, thanks to randomizers. They function on the basis of the random number algorithm, which is implemented in the service by adding a special program code. One such randomizer is our handy playing card generator.

It instantly does the layout after pressing the "Generate Result" button. Allows you to guess independently on love, year, nearest future, event, new acquaintance, friend, fiancé, distant future, evening, week, month, financial well-being, career growth, health, good luck.

Our online random playing card generator really arranges the suits without any regularity. This guarantees the honesty of guessing.

What do I need to do on the site to generate the cards?

First, you must specify the number of cards. Enter a number from 1 to 100 in the corresponding field. Next:

  1. It should be decided what suit cards should appear in the layout - diamonds, hearts, clubs, or spades. Or you can generate cards of any suit. Here you have many different options (a combination of suits is possible).
  2. It is necessary to put a check mark next to the "exclude repetitions" option to avoid generating the same suits and numbers. If the rules of guessing or the game allow repetitions, then uncheck the box.
  3. The next step (which is optional) is that you can choose from three styles of card face design. This only helps to create a certain aesthetic.
  4. Then you must designate a deck from which cards will be drawn at random. The available options are 36 or 54. Deck 36 - when it contains cards from the minimum suit "six" to the maximum suit "ace". A deck of 54 has cards 2,3,4,5,6 (and so on up to "ace"), as well as two special ones - jokers.
  5. The final action is to click the "Generate Result" button.

All these manipulations will take you a few tens of seconds.

Advantages of the card generator

It can be used for different games with relatives and friends. The randomizer allows you to have fun. It quickly generates suits and displays them in the corresponding field. The number of suits does not affect the speed of generation. Other advantages:

  • the service is simple and easy to use;
  • eliminates any pattern in the selection (guarantees the uniqueness of the layout, a similar layout will never fall out again);
  • you can use it for free;
  • the front side of the cards can be designed in one of three different ways;
  • there are decks with different numbers of cards - 36 and 54;
  • runs unrestrictedly in all browsers and on a variety of devices.

The online generator of playing cards allows you to save money on fortune-telling services. You just need to find on the Internet detailed divinations, which specify the meaning of card combinations, and run the generation service. You can do this procedure many times without limitation. Thus, you will pass the time and learn a lot about yourself and your destiny.

A card generator for a fun pastime

The random card generator is very convenient to use on your smartphone, laptop, tablet and PC. It allows you to pass the time in a fun way and learn a lot of interesting things about yourself (as far as divination is concerned). It is extremely easy to use. If you have already tried the randomizer in practice, we ask you to share your impressions with your friends through social networks. You can also rate our service.


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