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The advantage of the online die generator over regular dice is obvious - it will never get lost! The virtual dice will do a much better job than the real dice; there can be no tampering, and you only have to rely on chance. Online Craps is, among other things, a great pastime in your spare time. Generating a result takes only 1 second.


Type of generator:

Selection from a preset set of cubes
Setting the number and values of cube faces

Cubes parameters:

min="1", max="20"

Dice online - roll the dice

Bones – one of the world's oldest games, dating back thousands of years. They were originally made from animal bones, and if myths and legends are to be believed, also human bones, hence their name and certain mystical aura. Dice were played in Ancient Egypt, Rome and India, from where they spread to the Western world with the development of trade and cultural relations. Today, craps is one of the most popular Craps variations, both at home and in casinos, including online casinos. There are dozens of variations of the game in all.

The basic principle of the game is simple and clear to everyone - players roll the dice, the sum of the dice points is counted. The dice themselves are used in a wide variety of table games, forcing different actions on the card. And of course, no casino in the world is without them. However, to play dice, you can use various programs and applications, such as our online dice.

How to roll the dice online?

What should you do if you don't have any dice on hand or someone likes to cheat with them? The dice generator easily solves this problem, because the dice are thrown by a computer program and it is impossible to fudge the dice. Numbers from 1 to 6 are drawn at random.

Our cube simulator is also capable of much more, as we have developed many additional variations. In addition to the classic six-sided cube, we have variations of four, eight, ten and even twenty sides. And such virtual dice can seriously diversify the usual games.

Dice generator

There are two types of online cube generator on our website - standard and custom (advanced).

To roll a die online on our website in standard mode, you need to do three simple steps:

  1. Choose the type of cube - with faces from four to twenty;
  2. Set the number of cubes from one to twenty;
  3. Press the "Roll the dice" button (generate a result).

Custom type involves all of the above, as well as the option to add a different value for each face of the cube.

Online dice have many advantages:

  • firstly, they will always be on hand, the main thing is to have access to the internet;
  • secondly, they don't run the risk of getting lost, rolling under the sofa;
  • thirdly, they eliminate the risk of fraud because, unlike conventional dice, which can fall on the edge, they always give an unambiguous result.

Online dice rolling is an entertaining pastime that partly contributes to the development of intuition. With our service you can roll dice online with great convenience.


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