Password generator

No more racking your brains and coming up with hundreds of passwords for each website. The online password generator will create a unique combination of any complexity according to your parameters. Specify the rules for creating a security code to protect your data.


Type of generator:

Dictionary words are used for generation.
Such passwords are easier to remember and theoretically harder to pick.
Composes complex passwords.
The longer they are, the harder they are to guess.
Composes complex passwords.
Analogous to computer passwords, but with the addition of a separator in the form of a dash to make it easier to remember.


min="5", max="30"
Character Sets:

Why do we need a randomiser for passwords?

Data is a commodity that is sold, bought or stolen. Stealing money from bank cards, confidential information, espionage - these are all things fraudsters and hackers do. The more important the information, the more attention it attracts. Passwords on websites, social networks and apps need to be strong and sophisticated.

Information security experts recommend changing codes at least every 6 months. A unique login code must be created for each website. An alphanumeric combination is considered secure if it consists of 8-15 characters.

Password generator

How the online password generator works

Making up a unique password for each website and mobile application is difficult. The software we offer uses a randomizer for passwords to create a unique cipher consisting of standard English or Latin characters and numbers. A simple to remember or a very complex and strong combination can be created using a menu of default settings. It all depends on your needs.

Online password generation settings

The user is prompted to select one of three rules for creating a password.

  • Vocabulary — a password can be generated from single words that are easy to remember, like a counting rhyme. Such a password cannot be picked by accident, and in the case of brute force hacking, it would take a very long time.
    Example: quirk-Torah-Riga.
  • Computer — with this option creates a code made up of mixed numbers and letters. It is difficult to remember and virtually impossible to crack.
    Example: U1lSIxH1awufGB5.
  • Segmental — a variation of the computer password, split into several equal segments for better recall. You can specify the number of blocks and their length.
    For example, three rows of three symbols each: DKT-875-nC9.

Password randomisation parameters

The online generator can create a password of any complexity, using individual user settings.

Ways to create a strong password:

  • Increase the number of characters.
  • Use Latin letters.
  • Combine lowercase and uppercase letters.
  • Divide into segments.
  • Add numbers and special characters, e.g. dashes.

How to create a strong password using an online generator

  1. In the settings menu, select the type of code generation: dictionary, computer, segmented.
  2. In the parameters section, specify the number and set of characters.
  3. Press "Generate result".
  4. Click the button in the top right corner or highlight the text with the mouse, call up the context menu and click "copy".

Why make up complex passwords?

If one password is used for all websites, attackers can learn it through a backdoor, a vulnerability in software code. If they know just one password, they will try to use it to access popular websites and easily gain access to all photos, bank details and other sensitive information.

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