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It is often the case that the meaning of the text is not important, but only the length or structure of the text. The online text generator allows you to specify the number of words that will form the number of paragraphs you specify. However, the generated text will not make sense, but that's not what we need! This random text generator also allows you to choose a style: classical prose, business, humor and many other topics, which will allow you to more realistically and appropriately present the generated text. Create your literary masterpiece in one click!



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Fish text is a test text for the website

What is the text "fish" do you know anyone who works with layout journals, design and development of websites. This text serves to demonstrate how the later content will look on the finished page, to see, correctly placed paragraphs, indents, well look fonts. Such fish texts, usually do not carry any meaning.

Генератор текста

At the time of creation of the layout designer has no pre-texts, so it generates a dummy text. Some studios prefer to write a text independently, but are more often used prepared texts created by the program – generator of text. Moreover, such a text, there is one undeniable plus to read because its boring, the attention is on the design of the layout, the customer will focus on the study of form, design, layout.

How to generate random text?

For many centuries the printing press uses the standard fish text beginning with Lorem ipsum is a passage with no phrases from the work of Roman philosopher Cicero. It is used in typesetting the most common. However, if your project is focused on the Cyrillic alphabet, this Latin text is not suitable. Generally it is better to use texts in the language, which will subsequently be used.

And to create the text-the fish in the Russian language, the easiest way is to use a randomizer program that randomly generates fish texts. That is the program you see on this website. How to use it:

  1. Determine the number of necessary paragraphs;
  2. Determine the number of characters in each paragraphe;
  3. Select the text style – it can be a philosophical text in Russian, random text in English, Ukrainian language;
  4. Click on the "Generate text".

Interestingly, all these texts are of artificial origin. Random generator uses the text loaded in the database of texts on the basis of which using a specific algorithm and creates a fish-text. Despite this, this test text gives the impression of a meaningful, although very difficult to read and understand the text. See the author of the robot, however, quite easy, because it uses a standard design, and philosophical texts of a large number of terminology. I hope our program quickly and effectively will help in solving your problems.


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