Magic 8 ball

Standing on the threshold of a difficult life decisions? Have tried hundreds of ways, but neither familiar, nor experts, nor a mind of its own and was not given a clear answer: to be or not to be Yes or no. Ball Oracle predictions online - the sign that you are missing.


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The answers will be displayed inside the balloon
Answering a question/answer in messenger

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To get an answer, just ask the question, either aloud or in your mind, and click the button.
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Magic crystal ball: test your luck

Sometimes, we just need a little push. Provide absolutely free and without registration. To leave personal information on the website is not required. The query history is not saved. The Orb of fate online like I Pinochet, push to action indecisive person.

Deep down you may know what to do, but for whatever reason, are not aware of this report. Use no ball to establish the correctness of the choice. Just play, treated with humor, because, to random divination predictions the mysterious assistant of fun.

Magic 8 ball

Who benefits from the magic ball predictor

Refer to the Orb of desires or the ball of divination in a variety of situations:

  • • Judge of the disputants;
  • • Will help to decide indecisive;
  • • Will give the answer no to an exciting query.
  • • Drawn by fate;
  • • Relieve some of the responsibility.

Alone or in company, at work, school, in transport, at the wedding, the store - load a page with a ball predictions to get help. To listen to the decision magic ball or not, you decide. By the way, this question can be asked on the website.

How does ball predictions

Looks just ask and click, but take the time to shake the ball with the predictions. Look at the answer ball and mentally formulate a simple question that can be answered Yes or no. Try to identify a specific desire, a problem, not to think about anything else. Stay alone with your thoughts.

Feature fortune telling online for magic ball: the random generator gives you options, without any regularity. There is something mystical and unknown. Withfocused - tap the ball of fortune teller online to read the inscription that will appear through the round glass.

Make 3-5 attempts to verify the accuracy of the result. The main thing is to believe and then everything will come true.

The popularity of divination on the ball no

Interesting thing was invented by the son of the medium in the middle of the XX century, the Inventor wanted people to be comfortable to wear mini-predictor, and communicate with the spirit world at the slightest doubt. The toy is filled with a dark liquid in which, as if in space, floating polyhedron with written phrases.

The product was in demand, when people relied on the spirits know about the future, more alive. We did service the ball is no online, so you could also quickly get result.

Classic Magic ball has 20 prophecies. Divination, predictions are neutral, positive, negative, uncertain.

The ball appears in the hands of the heroes of the famous films: it was used by the character of the cult movie "Route 60", there was a computer and the prototype. Used in the TV series "Friends", "Clinic", "Charmed", "the Big Bang Theory".

Play too! Have fun coming back to us again and again.


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