Online colour generator for layout and design

If you're tasked with picking palettes and colour combinations, use the HTML colour generator to help simplify this stage of visual representation development. This tool will be indispensable for web designers, layout designers, promotional product developers, and illustrators. All professionals faced with the need to select colours will appreciate the simplicity and ease of use of the online randomizer.



min="1", max="20"


You can choose one of the suggested hues, or you can choose "Custom"to specify the code of the desired hue (from 0 to 360).

What is a colour code in HTML

Everything we see on the web is created using special encodings. They include a set of Latin letters and symbols which describe the layout, style and size of the elements on the page. Of course, for the colour adopted their own designations which take into account the hue, saturation and brightness. Tones can be encoded by different encryption systems. The most common are the following.

  1. HEX. A hexadecimal colour coding system with an entry via hashtag (#). Red, green and cyan, which are blended to produce the desired shade, are arranged in three pairs with a value from 00 to FF.
  2. RGB. The hue concentration (Red, Green, Blue) is represented as a number from 0 to 255.
  3. HSL. This is a special colour representation system in which hue, saturation and brightness are the coordinates.

Depending on the encryption model selected, the code generated by the HTML colour generator may be used both in web layout and in the preparation of printed materials in various formats. At the same time, it will be understandable for machines with Russian and English-language interface.

How the HTML colour generator works

The online software allows you to select random HTML colour in a couple of clicks. This will help you navigate through the shades you need to visualise your website design, promotional materials and other projects that use different tones.

In Online HTML Colour Generator will match the code in one of the following shades:

  • red;
  • orange;
  • yellow;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • purple;
  • pink;
  • grey.

In addition, the colour primer also works with custom shades. These are specified as a code from 0 to 360.

It takes less than 1 minute for the Online HTML Colour Generator to start selecting shades. Simply fill in the short form at the top of the page, selecting the following options:

  1. Presentation format. HEX, RGB or HSL.
  2. Number of colours. Select a number from 1 to 20.
  3. Brightness. From bright, light to dark.
  4. Tint. Specify the desired one from the groups shown or specify your own.

Then press the "Generate result" button.

Using the randomizer requires no special skills. The fully intuitive interface makes the online color palette generator as easy to use as possible. Due to the variability in the number of shades you can create an entire set in one click, without wasting time searching for each individual tone for your project. For more convenience, the resulting codes can be copied to the clipboard of your PC, laptop, smartphone or send the result with a quick link to a social network.


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