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The QR code generator is a unique method of encoding textual information. A QR code can be used to encrypt a greeting to a friend, a message to a loved one or just a nice message to your annoying boss! You can decode the message created by the QR code generator using a mobile phone with a camera that has a special application installed. How to make a QR code online using our service? Nothing easier! Enter the required information into the text box and feel free to click the button "Generate QR code". You will end up with an encoded image which you can download or send to the email address you specify. Try it now!


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How do I create a QR code and what is it?

QR codes are used everywhere today, as they make it possible to encrypt necessary information quickly and conveniently - for example, a link to a website, which a smartphone reads with a special programme and, when connected to the internet, opens the required page. QR codes are often printed on tickets - railway, bus or cinema tickets. Such tickets do not even have to be printed out - the main thing is to have an image of the code on your smartphone - and a special device in the hands of the ticket inspector reads the information from it. Contact details from such a code are recognised by the smartphone, which offers to save them in its memory. That is why many people decide to place such a QR code on advertising booklets, leaflets, tickets, but they do not know how to create it. And creating it will help our qr-code generator.

A QR code is a special image made up of many small squares. Any kind of information can be hidden in these squares - product details, contacts, a link, etc., as we mentioned above. This code was invented in Japan, where today it is even used in cemeteries - so that anyone can get information about the deceased. Even such a qr-code create is easy if you use our online QR generator programme.

QR code generator

How our online QR code generator works

All you need to do is know what information you want to put in the code and use our online generator. It only takes 3 steps to produce a beautiful QR code.

  1. Select generator type

There are 9 types of QR code generators on our website.

You can encrypt any contacts. For example:

  • Phone number
  • Sms
  • Vcard
  • Link URL
  • E-mail

It is also possible to code, using a generator, any text, location, Wi-Fi network, event.

  1. Depending on which type of generator has been selected and ticked, the relevant parameters will pop up, where detailed information must be entered, which will be opened to the person who points his phone camera at the generated QR code.
  2. Don't forget the decoration:
  • choose the size of the future QR code image. Measure in advance the space you want for the code on the ticket, invitation card, flyer. The maximum size is 2000 by 2000 pixels. This is enough to place it on a large poster
  • the qr generator also allows you to select the main colour and the background colour
  • you can add a frame for a square of 1 to 500 pixels
  • check the picture format you want (.jpg or .png)
  1. press the "Generate result" button

Remember to save the QR code to your computer.

Before you finish using the QR generator, check that it is working correctly and that the additional blocks of text in it are clearly legible. Use a QR code reader app on your smartphone or simply point your camera at it.

We hope our online qr code generator has been of some help to you.


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