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If the old playlist has become boring, and ideas for a new no need to rely on chance and our generator to search for music according to individual preferences.
How it works: You enter or you are interested in the genre or the name of your favorite singer/group name, and the generator shows random artist that you listen to other people who, like you, like the same genre/performer.


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The search will be performed among the artists of the specified genre
The search will be performed among performers who are similar to the specified

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Music generator online: opportunities for music lovers

Do not imagine your life without music? Fed up of the previously created music playlists? Don't know where or what to listen to when sad at work or want to relax at home in leisure hours?

Our free online generator songs ready to provide You with a unique opportunity for the selection of music, songs. With us You will be able in real time to listen to randomly generated favorite songs domestic and foreign artists, music of different genres and directions.

Генератор музыки

If You are tired of long search of music, You have no time and desire to upload on your gadgets albums by any artists, rely on our generator of random songs and You are guaranteed to always be surrounded by music of different genres.

Registration is not necessary, add our random generator to your bookmarks and visit at a convenient time, free of charge use of its capabilities.

Library online resource is constantly updated with new releases, list of works will satisfy the needs of any music lover.

Our random search choose the music you love when:

  • • Not enough time and there is a desire something to listen to in the background
  • • Invited friends to a meeting, each preferring their music. Trusting the case, not insults and disagreements.
  • • Planned a romantic evening and want to spend it in a pleasant atmosphere
  • • There is a desire to open new genres
  • • Difficult to make a big list of theme lists
  • • Like music a certain direction, but there is no way to regularly monitor offer authorsand novelties

Use our service for free to generate music and enjoy the different situations votes favorite artists, the endless sound of soulful melodies.

Music, song by Randa: how it works and what you need to do?

Getting on our website, You choose the genre of music or the name of the desired singer (band name) and You get a random performer or song by different artists of a particular genre (the music source Further, to listen to music the website redirects You to the website

Within seconds, a special program will generate a random playlist. It will allow You for a long time at work or in a homelike setting to enjoy your favorite music, listen to as hits and new artists that You prefer.

Experiencing difficulties with the choice of the album, songs of a particular singer, group? Trust the opinion of those who voted listeners. To facilitate this task, on our website You will find TOP 5 albums and TOP 5 songs of the contractor.

A random generator songs online: benefits

  • • convenient and easy to use free online service;
  • • fast random generation of music and songs according to the specified parameters;
  • • the TOP results-oriented albums, singers, groups, etc.

I think that to listen to jazz, classical music, Russian, rock, rap, tedious counting watch, bored at work or relaxing at home? Prefer generator songs, randomly select songs?

Random music from an online service "" is Your optimal choice!


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